Passwd/smbpasswd Sync

Sean Mathews mathewss at
Fri Jan 22 18:54:18 GMT 1999

 I could be wrong on this but as i understand it
the actual password in the smbpasswd is not
the same password as in the /etc/passwd file.

 When you add a user to the smbpasswd file
you are required to provide a password for the 
user this only touches the smbpasswd file it
reads the info from the /etc/passwd file for
verification that the user exists and other checks.

if you change the /etc/passwd password for a user
it has no effect on the smbpasswd file. The only
info that is used by the /etc/passwd file is group
information and home directory etc. Just some things
i have found to be cairfull of.. Make sure userid's in
the /etc/passwd file are unique, and that any changes to
them are mirrored to the smbpasswd file. 

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On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Chris Wood wrote:

> Quick question...
> I see how samba wants to sync the smbpasswd->/etc/passwd, but how does it
> handle it when the passwd file is changed first?  
> My first guess is to just have users use smbpasswd to change the password
> and then it will update /etc/passwd automatically.  So, I'd always change
> smbpasswd first and let it change /etc/passwd.  I would never go
> passwd->smbpasswd.  Is that how everyone else is handling it?
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