Samba as a PDC and file permissions - Odd behaviour.

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jan 22 14:36:50 GMT 1999

Matthew Geier wrote:
>  Doesnt work :-). CACLS still causes LASS.EXE to crash with 2.1 and
> NT4SP4
>  LASS.EXE crashing is far more exciting than explorer 
> dieing, the system is quite stuffed afterwards.. (reboot time....)

Interesting. I have the ntsec tools from pedastal software 
working. I can assign domain users into file and directory ACLs.
The CVS code is dated from mid December.

Here the beautiful output :)

D:\>igrant cartegw:all,all mssdk

Granting permissions to: ENG-NT\cartegw(user)

1 directory found.

D:\> listacl mssdk

        Owner: Administrators (lg)
        Administrators (lg)                (All)(All)
        ENG-NT\cartegw                     (All)(All)
        Everyone                           (RX)(RX)
        SYSTEM                             (All)(All)

1 file found.

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