Samba as a PDC and file permissions - Odd behaviour.

Matthew Geier matthew at
Fri Jan 22 00:00:04 GMT 1999

> the domain and could access my home directory etc.  However I noticed that
> "EVERYONE" had full control of the NTFS partition i.e. there was no
> security.  I logged in as administrator and tried to change it using
> FIXACLS from the resource kit but it failed to work.  I then selected
> Explorer and went to permissions and tried to change them but explorer
> crashed with the error message:
> 	Exception access violation 0xc0000005
> 	Address 0x778933aa
 Doesnt work :-). CACLS still causes LASS.EXE to crash with 2.1 and

 LASS.EXE crashing is far more exciting than explorer dieing, the system
is quite stuffed afterwards.. (reboot time....)

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