Print serving with samba domain (linux) and NT4

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Jan 21 17:34:14 GMT 1999

A J Every wrote:
> Todays question is regarding print serving via samba.  I'm trying to load and
> run printer drivers off my samba server (linux) as per PRINTER_DRIVER.txt
> supplied with the source. I know it states it does not work with NT4 but thats
> what I really what to do.

But it doesn't work with NT. That's why it says so in the docs.
> The server on which the printer resides do not have a suitable HP LaserJet
> 4/4M Plus PS 600 printer driver installed. Click on OK if you wish to install
> the driver on your local machine.
> Does this really not work? Has anyone got this working?

Yes, it really doesn't work with NT. That's why it says so in the docs :-).

Seriously, this is a large chunk of new RPC code (using the
NT SPOOLSS pipe) that Jean-Francois has partly working.
We're waiting for him to check these changes in so we
can start hacking on it.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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