Domain Administrator groups etc.

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Jan 20 14:01:45 GMT 1999

A J Every wrote:
> I've read the replies on this and want to know what the 
> other two map to:
> For version 2.0.0 of samba.
> domain group map        is      domain admin group

No.  Domain group map is a means of implementing NT 
Domain Groups not just the "Domain Admins" group

> local group map         is      ?????

This is a group mapping for local accounts to the 
Samba PDC

> domain user map         is      ??????

This allows you to map NT username  fopr Domain accounts 
to unix user names.

> Also the FAQ section 4.3.1 relates to the first 
> mappings etc.  Does anyone know which version of 
> samba this FAQ section relates to.

2.1.0-prealpha (the HEAD, or devleopment,  branch code)

This is from the Table of Contents header for the NTDOM FAQ

NOTICE : Unless otherwise stated all functionality described 
in this FAQ is contained only in the "head" samba branch which 
is different that the main distributed branch ( ie. 1.9.18p# 
or whatever is the latest version that is available ).  The 
"head" branch is used for developmental purposes and should 
not be used in a production environment.  This does not mean 
that is does not work, but rather changes very quickly and 
is to be considered a work in progress.  The distributed 
version is considered to be "stable" code but may not contain 
all the functionality of the "head" branch.

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