smbpasswd & disabled acct

Chris Wood cwood at
Tue Jan 19 21:14:18 GMT 1999

System: DG/UX 4.2, Samba 2.0.0

I'm getting ready to move from plain text passwords to encrypted
passwords.  I've got "update encrypted = yes" in my smb.conf.  This is
working great (what a wonderful feature)!  Anyway, it is updated the
smbpasswd just fine, but it is disabling the accounts as it does it.  Is
this expected behavior?  

        ]:LCT-00000000:matt wood

becomes this but with the password there.....

        ]:LCT-00000000:matt wood

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801-489-2097                       Wencor West, Inc.
[cwood at]                 Durham Aircraft Services

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