problems setting file perms.

Matt Chapman m.chapman at
Sun Jan 17 13:40:51 GMT 1999

Pedro Miguel Frazão F. Ferreira wrote:

>         The problem is:
>         If you try to set permissions to a local file in a workstation via
> 'properties', 'security','file permissions', then when you click 'add'
> to add a user to the list two things happen:
>         -if you are a regular user you get the marvellous Dr Watson reporting
> an access violation.
>         - if you are domain root then you get a not so good list (with some
> garbage) in the groups part, but you manage to get the user list. Other
> times: Dr Watson strikes back !

I'm not surprised; this code is still only partially implemented. Stay tuned


Matt Chapman
m.chapman at

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