CTRL-ALT-DEL Password Change Problem

Beej bj at mcs.uts.edu.au
Sun Jan 17 01:38:13 GMT 1999

Thanks for the input Andrew and Pedro, unfortunately keeping
passwords in sync is hardly the problem at the moment, as the
students cannot change their passwords anyway.

At this stage, I can easily keep passwords in sync by assigning
students a password, then disabling /usr/bin/passwd. Using this
method the passwords will always be in sync because they can't
change either one =)

But we dont want that. My plans were to first allow people to
change their passwords, including the method of ctrl-alt-del.
After that starts working, then I can worry about keeping the
passwords the same.

Maybe this has something to do with it. I had started up usrmgr.exe
on an NT, and looked up user properties of the user, and it has
ticked off 'User Cannot Change Password'. Where is it grabbing
that bit of information from?

Some other details:

Workstations: NT 4.0 SP<4 (Currently testing on 2 workstations only)
Server: Samba-2.0.0Beta and better ( have not tried pre beta or samba 1 )
	Running on Ultra 1 Sparc (Solaris 2.6)
Compilation: egcs-2.91.60


PS. To Andrew Perrin, I was interested in your page but your links in
"The files themselves" point to forbidden files. Can't the rest of us
play too ? =)

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