don't use convert_smbpasswd with pdc

Thomas Reifferscheid reiffert at
Sat Jan 16 21:18:03 GMT 1999

it took me 10 mins ..

convert_smbpasswd removes the letter `W` to `U` in file smbpasswd

convert_smbpasswd wanted to do its things with nawk. i renamed this to

# Convert a Samba 1.9.18 smbpasswd file format into
# a Samba 2.0 smbpasswd file format.
# Read from stdin and write to stdout for simplicity.
# Set the last change time to 0x363F96AD to avoid problems
# with trying to work out how to get the seconds since 1970
# in awk or the shell. JRA.

JRA: enter a line in your doku  :))


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