problems setting file perms.

Pedro Miguel Frazão F. Ferreira pfrazao at
Sat Jan 16 18:55:51 GMT 1999

	Hi All,

	Some problems. Please send comments.
	I'm using samba2.0.0, on debian 2.1 (frozen) as PDC.

On the samba2.0.0 PDC everything goes ok, like user validation from w95
and wkst 4 sp3, with roaming profiles, printing, etc. Also the
workstations recognize the domain account root as being part of Domain
Admins (after domain admin user\group = root) and let only this account
perform administration tasks on them. Good work !    :-)

	The problem is:
	If you try to set permissions to a local file in a workstation via
'properties', 'security','file permissions', then when you click 'add'
to add a user to the list two things happen:
	-if you are a regular user you get the marvellous Dr Watson reporting
an access violation.
	- if you are domain root then you get a not so good list (with some
garbage) in the groups part, but you manage to get the user list. Other
times: Dr Watson strikes back !

	I only have two lines in smb.conf concerning this:
	domain admin users = root
	domain admin group = root

	Is this a going on work or should it perform ok ? Any hints ?

	Thanks. Ciao,


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