Error Code C000019B - solved

Andy Bakun abakun at
Fri Jan 15 22:22:35 GMT 1999

Is this from the addition of 0x prefixing hex numbers I vaguely remember
seeing mentioned before?
Does this mean I'll have a problem upgrading from samba2.0beta4 to 2.0?  I
have a Samba PDC using beta4 right now (security = user), and I have a
samba domain member using beta5 (security = domain).  Neither have a
DOMAIN.SID file (is this strange, considering all machines are able to
logon to the domain?).

Both have MACHINE.SID files though.
the beta5 domain member machine's MACHINE.SID contains S-1-5-33-...
the beta4 PDC machine's MACHINE.SID contains S-1-5-21-...

What exactly is the ramification of upgrading from beta4 to 2.0 and from
beta5 to 2.0?  I don't have a problem with going around and having to
rejoin the domain on every machine, but I do want to know if I need to make
time for this.


Marcus Graf wrote:

> It seems that there was a change concerning the DOMAIN.SID from beta 4
> to beta 5. (Thanks to Markus Koelle for the hint.)
> The DOMAIN.SID from beta 4 had 40 Bytes. After deleting the file the
> recreated DOMAIN.SID from beta 5 now has 42 Bytes. I've rejoined the
> domain and everything works fine now.

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