12+ Character Shares

Dana Canfield canfield at uindy.edu
Fri Jan 15 18:27:07 GMT 1999

First of all, I'm working on getting the samba TODO list back up.
Apparently something went goofy with our web server configuration, so
it's denying access to certain directories for unknown reasons.

Anyway, on the TODO list, Luke had added something that said
"investigate greater than 12 character share names."  I take it this has
something to do with why people who have usernames longer than 12
characters cannot get their home directories through Samba?  If so, are
there any plans to fix this in the near future?  Obviously, it's really
problematic in any environment where people are allowed >8 character
usernames (we allow up to 16).  Is there a good workaround in the



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