need some help with getgroupent()

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jan 13 16:30:09 GMT 1999

in order for this to succeed you will need a real unix user or a real unix
group for it to map to (can't remember what 0x200 is:
probably "Domain Admins".) in "domain group map".  adm="Domain Admins"
would do.

if you do not have this then it's going to fail, no gid to resolve to.

> S-1-5-21-2574279790-3542427240-2616677535-512search by
> rid: 0x200 
>  the code seems to make several attempts to resolve the
> rid via different methods what im looking for is where
> this is supposed to succeed so i can figure out why its 
> not getting there.
>  It seems to me from this partial dump of the response
> samba gives to nt box that it didnt find the group.

no unix group, no successful lookup.

> anyway if i can better figure out where the code
> does its check for these well known groups i can
> figure out why when i add "Domain Admins" to my local
> "Administrators" group with user mgr it comes back as
> "Unknown" when i refresh it.

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