Re, Re, Re, Ugggggg. thanks for the input..

Sean Mathews mathewss at
Tue Jan 12 20:36:28 GMT 1999

Sean Mathews wrote: 
>> 1. NT Servers 4.0 sp3 can not be connected to 
>> giving errors 
>> \\servername is not excessable 
>> The server service is not started. 

Gerald Carter wrote:
>No idea. Did the server service start and the 
>stop or is it running and the client complains? 
>Need more details? 

 Ya the service is running fine best i can 
tell no events reporting any problems at least.

Gerald Carter wrote:
>>Nope. I'm running about 45 NT Workstations off of 
>>Dec 20th's build in a production environment. 

 Any NT servers doing file sharing?

also i see from your samba conf that you 
are not using the new code with the map file
parameters.. :( I dont have problems with samba
per say not using these new settings but the problem
is that with no Domain Admin groups or other domain
groups i dont have the ability to setup shares from
my NT Server to allow specific users that can be 
controled via samba.. Having samba as a password
authentication for workstations seems to be very
stable in the current codeset.. that allows
people to log on and have samba authenticate through
samba the things im needing are having those ~40
workstations have controled access to an NT Server
shares depending on the users group etc I realy dont
use samba as a file server for my workstations :(

Gerald Carter wrote:
>These two are probably related. I found some problems 
>with the NTTIME variables in the passdb files. Haven't 
>had a time to check the changes in. Will try to do so 
>tomorrow. They're fairly simple. 

 Cool any posibility of getting the patches i sent in
posted to so i dont have to redoo all that work
when i re run cvs?

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