Ugggg. i give mercy..

Long Doan ldoan at
Tue Jan 12 15:18:55 GMT 1999

I have the same problems when other workstations (not in the domain
controlled by Samba) try to talk to the workstations under Samba's domain. I
think it has to do with the fact that trust relationships between domains
have not been implemented.


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>Sean Mathews wrote:
>> 1. NT Servers 4.0 sp3 can not be connected to
>>  giving errors
>>   \\servername is not excessable
>>   The server service is not started.
>No idea.  Did the server service start and the
>stop or is it running and the client complains?
>Need more details?
>> 2. I have servers all over my net that
>>  keep telling me via Messanger service telling me the following.
>>   From Server \\Servername
>>   Subj: ** user notification **
>>   date: etc etc
>>    Your logon time at DOMAINNAME has ended.
>> 3. I have the annoyance of being told i need
>>   to change my password when i logon.

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