unix password sync not behaving

Phil Steinke lintec at engsoc.queensu.ca
Tue Jan 12 04:29:01 GMT 1999

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:

> The 2.1 prelapha code is the bleeding edge so to speak, but 
> I think the group mapping stuff is somewhere in the next 
> century.  When you get a chance, try removing the 
> parameters altogether from smb.conf and see if you still 
> get the policy error under 2.1prealpha.

heheheh.  No doubt.  I just tried with all the maps commented out (domain
group, domain user, local group), and no success.  Still getting the local
policy error I was before.  I also ran a cvs update -d -P before
compiling, so I'm sure I'm on fresh code.


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