Ugggg. i give mercy..

Sean Mathews mathewss at
Tue Jan 12 00:38:12 GMT 1999

 Ok well i cant seem to get it going
if its not one thing its another..
during the cvs days of beta 1 things were fine
now even after i have fixedup the current cvs code
with various group database problems i am still
fairly convinced there are some serious backsteps
that have occured. A list of my current problems are 
as follows and with these problems i cant even use 
samba as a PDC so I am very concerned at this time
because i wonder who on this list is realy using 
samba as a PDC with any success at all.

1. NT Servers 4.0 sp3 can not be connected to
 giving errors 
  \\servername is not excessable
  The server service is not started.

2. I have servers all over my net that
 keep telling me via Messanger service telling me the following.
  From Server \\Servername
  Subj: ** user notification **
  date: etc etc
   Your logon time at DOMAINNAME has ended.

3. I have the annoyance of being told i need
  to change my password when i logon.

It is my feeling that ither everyone is aware of these
issues and is working on them but not telling me
or the PDC code is not working and I am the only
one who is realy testing this in an environment
with multiple NT servers,Workstations(IE WE DONT HAVE 95)

 Would someone please advise me as to whome is testing
the cvs tree and what network configurations you 
are testing it under. We cant possibly expect this
to get anywhere if people are not actualy testing
under real or test environments.

 Sorry for ranting but at this point im still with
no PDC thus i cant get to any of my shars thus i am
not able to do any work. and now im probably going to
have to build an NT PDC (UGGGGGGG SUX) what a waste 
of an nt box. the biggest advantages and why i still continue to hope that the samba pdc code will reach some stability is that.

1. profiles password files etc can be easily backed up.

2. Even parting the domain and rejoining keeps your
   profile where on NT pdc its gone.

3. its a better utilization of a system. If you
   put a pdc on an nt box its better not to run anything
   else on it because if you loose your pdc as i have
   in the past the only solution is a total reinstall
   thus loosing anything else on the box. So when you
   run a pdc off of a unix box you only need to fix the
   pdc itself or move it to another box your call everything
   is preserved no impact on existing systems on the box.

 Anyway if someone on the current CVS tree does have a
true test network please comment to the group what your
results are.. Tell people what your setup is like so 
we can fix these few problems and keep moving.

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