unix password sync not behaving

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Jan 11 15:04:59 GMT 1999

Phil Steinke wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:
> > Did you use the domain group map files in 2.1 prealpha?  I'm just
> > curious because I beginning to theink that it is the group
> > database code that is causing the "invalid policy" thingy.
> > I don't get it here.
> I had the option set in my smb.conf, but the file it pointed 
> was empty.  I figured it'd just map all my UNIX domains, 
> and didn't have anything I wanted to overide.  I originally 
> had mapped a group to administrators, but then deleted 
> that line (hence the empty file).
> The local group and domain user maps do exist, and 
> contain entries as per the NT-DOM FAQ.

The 2.1 prelapha code is the bleeding edge so to speak, but 
I think the group mapping stuff is somewhere in the next 
century.  When you get a chance, try removing the 
parameters altogether from smb.conf and see if you still 
get the policy error under 2.1prealpha.

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