Error code C000019B

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Jan 11 14:49:12 GMT 1999

Marcus Graf wrote:
> Maybe it's imortant: I've used the new 'username map ' 
> parameter to enable my users to login with their real names. 
> But it looks to me like the username/pwd checks are 
> already passed when this error occurs.

"username map" is not new.  Ha been around for a while.  
The "domain group map", "local group map", and "domain 
user map" are the new parameters in 2.1 prealpha.

What happens when you try without the username map.
Do you have a * entry in the username map?  That would 
map anything knot explictly listed to some account
and would probably kill the workstation accounts.

Just a thought.

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