unix password sync not behaving

Phil Steinke lintec at engsoc.queensu.ca
Mon Jan 11 01:00:07 GMT 1999

Alright, I've shifted from 2.1-prealpha to 2.0beta5.  I can log in using
beta5, whereas with the exact same smb.conf and private/smbpasswd files I
get a policy error with 2.1-prealpha.  

The odd behaviour I'm getting with beta5 is that the password sync _only_
works when "passwd chat debug" is turned on, and the log level is at 100.
If either of these aren't set, the password changing fails on the NT box.

Log level of 100 gives a mighty huge pile of info, so if you'd like logs
of these transactions (either the 2.1 logon local policy error and/or the
beta5 password changing), you can get them from our ftp site at

If it's having trouble with the domain name, try either or, as we're migrating across campus.


Phil Steinke
Computer Manager
Engineering Society, Queen's University

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