Error code C000019B

Marcus Graf mg at
Sun Jan 10 21:52:21 GMT 1999


I've tried out the PDC functionality in samba 2.0 beta 5. Workstations are
NT 4.0 with SP 3.


- set up passwords for my machines with smbpasswd -a -m ...

- set up user accounts in /etc/passwd + shadow and with smbpasswd

- successfull joined the domain. (Got the welcome message.)

When I'm tried to login with wrong names or passwords I got the normal 
error message.

Trying to login with a correct name / password combination gave me an
error  'Sie koennen nicht angemeldet werden. (C00019B)' (I don't know 
the english message. Should roughly translate to 'You cannot login now')

Anyone there who can tell me what error C00019B means? What have I done 



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