unbecome_user bug reproduced in Beta-5

Dejan Ilic svedja at lysator.liu.se
Sat Jan 9 22:27:21 GMT 1999

[1999/01/08 17:36:53, 0] smbd/uid.c:unbecome_user(292)
  chdir(/export/users/wheel/src/samba/samba-2.0.0beta5/source) failed
in unbecome_user

Notice that the daemon complains that it can't chdir TO THE SOURCE
directory. I have reported this earlier and tonight I succeded in
reproducing it.

Also notice that I have no users with user-ID 292 and that it affect
all requests for mounting shares and probaby more things also as my
logs have several such error a second (20 or more) until it gives up.
A couple minutes later the same procedure.

I have no idea what triggered the bug, but the logs are "clean" until
a starting point where logs become littered with error logs of the
same kind. Same unbecome_user(292) all over the place.

It affects both Domain-connected NT4SP4 computers as well as
workgroup-connected W95-OSR2.

On the W95 the users cannot mount their own homeshare as computer
reports incorrect password. So it can be considered critical in front
of the upcoming Samba-2.0.0 release. The password was verifyed as
correct BTW.

It seems that NT-users succed in loggin in to the domain and access
their accounts, but their loggs are also full with the same error.

I didn't restart Samba as I don't know it this will fix the problem
until a sufficent log is made. It might fix the problem and as I don't
know how to trigger it, it would be a bad idea.

Tomorow I will test to mount non-personal shares from the W95 (like
the "Temporary" share), and see how NT behaves (could not test it
tonight) and a log (level=100 ?) to see what module breaks.

And soon I will be forced to fix the problem as the holidays are over
on monday here and everybody will want to access their accounts.

Any suggestions would be apriciated. We need to get rid of this bug

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