Problems with printers in 2.0B5 & a weird RPC call

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jan 8 23:22:06 GMT 1999

Phil Cox wrote:
> All,
> I am having a few problems on my Solaris 2.6 box with 2.0B5. 
> I am getting a "server does nt have suitable NULL 
> printer driver" error. Any way to fix this? All file 
> services seem to be working fine. What is the best way to
> isolate printer related errors for loggins, or is there 
> a best way? Any suggestions on logging levels for 
> printer debugging?

Don't think so until JF get the \PIPe\spoolss code 
done.  The current method is to cause the Samba box
to thunk back down to LanManager for this one call 
(connecting to the printer).  Now that I think about it, 
have you looked at the printers.def file stuff.
Don't think it will work with NT clients (even though 
connecting using LanMan calls) but you can try.  Any 
other suggestions.

> Also, I am seeing portmapper calls to, this is on
> I tried to grep on the code and find out why this was
> happening, but found nothing.

no idea.

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