some fixes for 2.1.0-prealpha

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jan 8 23:17:45 GMT 1999

Sean Mathews wrote:
>  After extensive debugging i found out why
> the current cvs tree src causes run away
> smbd service. At least on my OS NetBSD 1.3
> a call to getgrent() will properly enum
> the group database but any calls to getgrgid()
> will reset the static file pointer used by
> getgrent() to the position asked for by getgrgid()
>  Thus we end up with infinite loops inside of
> functions like aliasunix.c:getalsunixpwent() in
> the while ((unix_grp = getgrent()) !=NULL)
> loop.

This was caught a few weeks ago i think.  The fix probably 
hasn't been checked in.  My advice is not to use the domain 
grouping parameters right now.

> Administrator login to the domain failes smbd log shows this
> [1999/01/08 14:45:24, 0] passdb/sampassdb.c:pwdb_sam_map_names(517)
>   UNIX User root Primary Group is in the wrong domain! S-1-5-32-544

Luke posted the answer to this a few days ago (maybe 
yesterday?).  Check the archives


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