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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jan 8 20:16:08 GMT 1999

thwartedefforts at wrote:
> My PDC is named Jupiter, and it's running 2.0beta4.
> I have a default profile as:
>   \\jupiter\netlogon\Default User
> And this seems to get copied to the local NT client's machine as
>    %SYSTEMROOT%\Profiles\Default User (Network)
> And, while I have not fully confirmed this, I have seen this 
> get used as the default profile for people logging into the 
> domain for the first time.  Why it copies it to the local 
> client I have no idea, and if the local copy gets updated (if 
> it ever needs to be) when I change the version in netlogon, 
> I don't know.  Anyone else know anything about this?

You are correct Andy.  This is documented in MS's Policies 
and Profiles White Paper.  The "Default User (network)" 
locally cached copy is used.  If the central default profile 
is updated then the cahced copy is updated as well using the 
standard time stamp comparison that user profiles do.

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