default user directory (Re: 3 domain client...)

thwartedefforts at thwartedefforts at
Fri Jan 8 19:49:42 GMT 1999

On Fri, 08 January 1999, Harald H Hannelius wrote:

> Tip2:
> When _new_ users log on to NT, they get their Nt-profile from
> "c:\winnt\profiles\Default User". If you want a nice default profile for
> new users in the domain, this is the profile to edit *before* users log
> on.

My PDC is named Jupiter, and it's running 2.0beta4.
I have a default profile as:

  \\jupiter\netlogon\Default User

And this seems to get copied to the local NT client's machine as

   %SYSTEMROOT%\Profiles\Default User (Network)

And, while I have not fully confirmed this, I have seen this get used as the default profile for people logging into the domain for the first time.  Why it copies it to the local client I have no idea, and if the local copy gets updated (if it ever needs to be) when I change the version in netlogon, I don't know.  Anyone else know anything about this?


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