3 domain client samba + samba pdc problem. (long story)

A J Every masaje at maths.bath.ac.uk
Fri Jan 8 15:42:04 GMT 1999

This is only a short suggestion.... but it works for me...

-> 1) 	PDC not always Master for the domain

I've got the following which solved our similar problem

domain master           =       yes
preferred master        =       yes

-> 5)	Mapping of home-dirs on NT .... weird

I used to use a logon script to map home drives but found it problematical. I 
changed my config to the following.  It works a lot better for me, as I had 
also tried to get /home working.

logon drive             =       h:

comment                 =       %U maths account
path                    =       /home/%U
browsable               =       no
writeable               =       yes
read only               =       no
create mode             =       0755


alan (every).

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