fun with PDC logins

Phil Steinke lintec at
Thu Jan 7 21:45:47 GMT 1999

Thanks to Matt, I've got my machine account set up, and a test user
account, and the NT workstation claims to have joined the domain ok.  It
then goes through its mandatory reboot (you moved the mouse, please
reboot!), and comes up with a logon prompt.  That's where I'm running into
trouble again.  It refuses to allow any logons to the domain.  I can see
it talking to the Samba server, but each time it comes back with the
standard error message about user and domain name correct, etc (like you'd
get with an invalid password).

I can log in as the local administrator on that machine, and connect to
the Samba shares on the server as the test user through Network
Neighbourhood, but it still won't let that same user login to the domain.
Any thoughts are appreciated..


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