Baa Humbug..

Greg Dickie greg at
Wed Jan 6 18:44:26 GMT 1999

Samba 2.0 development has branched off. I forget the name of the branch at the
moment (maybe SAMBA_2_0?). The HEAD branch now contains the NEXT buig version
(thus samba 2.1.x). There does not appear to be much activity these days

Hope this helps,

On 06-Jan-99 Sean  Mathews wrote:
> ok i now am fairly sure someone changed the CVS 
> procedure in some fashion.. I am now realizing
> the version i just got from cvs is not what i expected
> i have been following the same CVS procedure for a long
> time now in keeping current with the ntdomain
> stuff but this time i didnt get the 2.0.0 beta 5
> i got something else.. Has the CVS procedure changed?
> what is 2.1.0 pre alpha? 

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