Tremendous success with Samba 2B5 :)

Shaun McCullagh sm at
Wed Jan 6 16:37:59 GMT 1999

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Samba 2B5.

I've tested it on Solaris 2.6, 2.5.1 & Irix 5.3 with much success.

I've discovered one curio with 'update encrypted = yes'

( Before I experimented with this I created a fresh smbpasswd file,
  set 'encrypt passwords = yes' and moved several NT Wks to the Samba
  domain & setup a dummy account. All this worked fine first time :) )

I then appended all our NIS users to smbpasswd with,
and set 'update encrypted = yes' and 'encrypt passwords = no'

I then tried "smbclient '\\fizz\homes' -U aab". This updated smbpasswd,
but disabled the account:

         ]:LCT-36938C8C:aab Account

Logging in from a Win 95 client did exactly the same thing on another account.

Is there anyway of making samba create the encrypted password without
disabling the account?

If a user attempts to login from an NT box, before the encrypted account
is setup, the NT box reports that the account has been Disabled, even though
there is no 'D' in his smbpasswd entry.

If the user has a valid entry in smbpasswd, he can login from an NT workstation
with 'update encrypted = yes' and 'encrypt passwords = no' in smb.conf.

I noticed that samba 2 accepts plain text passwords even with 'encrypt
passwords = yes', provided there is a valid entry in smbpasswd. I hope this
will continuee for a while, as it greatly simplifies moving from plain to

One other question: At the moment we have two workgroups 'SYS-STAFF' &
I'd like to change these to domains. Is there anyway of making samba share the
same encrypted password file?

The security = domain feature works fine, even when the password server
is another samba server.


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