NetBIOS name not being found

Phil Steinke lintec at
Wed Jan 6 16:24:22 GMT 1999

Halloo, I'm having a bit of trouble, and was wondering if anyone can think
of a solution.  I compiled the CVS code this morning to replace the copy
of the 1.9.19alpha code I was using from the summer, and it's all
installed and working fine, except for one thing.  I use a different
NetBIOS name on my Samba server from its actual DNS name, and smbpasswd
refuses to find it.  It works fine if I set the two to be equal.
nmblookup will find the IP address just fine with either name.  Here's the
full text of the error message given by smbpasswd, and a name lookup:

[root at engsoc /etc]# smbpasswd
cli_connect_serverlist: Can't resolve address for Q-ENG
cli_connect_serverlist: Domain password server not available.
get_member_domain_sid: unable to initialise client connection.
Can't setup password database vectors.
[root at engsoc /etc]# nmblookup Q-ENG
Sending queries to Q-ENG<00> Q-ENG<00>

The machine is visible in an NT browse list on another machine in the
subnet.  If you've got any ideas, I'd love to hear them :)  Thanks..

Phil Steinke
Engineering Socity computer manager
Queen's University

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