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Allen Reese allen at
Mon Jan 4 21:28:49 GMT 1999

I have the same problem getting a User list from my samba server with
DAVE.  DAVE is an an SMB client for MacOS, by thursby software.

It displays a list of around 200 users, and they are all unknown user.  it
says it can't display the full user list, so only the first 200 will show.
This is with Dave 2.0 and 2.1.  Samba 2.0alpha - beta1.  I have tried
anything newer yet.

I will look into this deeper if anyone wants better more concise info.

This is just off the top of my head...

Allen Reese
Senior Software Engineer
Driversoft, Inc.
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On Thu, 24 Dec 1998, Colovic Igor wrote:

> I have set up Samba2.0.0b4 and it is working great. I can log in. Roaming
> profiles are working fine.
> My question is:
> Why I can not get user list from Samba server. It this work in progress or
> what.
> What I want is to forbid all users(but users in admin group) to write to
> local disk.
> Can it be done if I can not get user/group list from server.
> There are some files that WinNT is looking(like userinit.exe) and it can not
> find them(they are not there)
> Can this be reason why I can not get user list.
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