Samba PDC and profiles

Max Wheatley max at
Sat Jan 2 05:20:29 GMT 1999

Hi Guys

Thanks for all the help recently..... now I need some more.

I got polices all sorted out, for a while, but some where I made a

The problem is my logon on either workstation off my Samba PDC. Other
logons on this workstation or other are fine. The problems is:

I can't set time/date/colour/wallpaper/sound.

I have copied my profile across from my NT server ( that still works ),
copied policy files from NT server, copied local profile up to Samba

I have set up colours/wallpapers in the policy and they don't happen

I did catch poledit not writing the ntconfig.pol file a couple of times

Now this has got to be something I have done, but what and how, I didn't
thing 1/2 these things where covered in polices.

one other small question ... why do I get postings to the list that ar
6kb of nothing ??


max at
max.wheatley at

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