New problems with SAMBA 2.0.0 beta 5

Markus Koelle mkoelle at
Fri Jan 1 14:01:30 GMT 1999

I've some new problems with beta5:
- I can't no more login from NT4-SP3 in SAMBA-PDC
  (same configuration like with beta4) -
  no problem with beta4.
- nmbd/smbd is running
- samba-server is WINS-Server
- nmblookup -A netbios_of_ server 
  ---> host unknown.
  (with beta4 ---> well known)
- nmblookup -a netbiosname_of_client 
  ---> well known
  (--> beta4: well known)
- SAMBA-Server is in the Nethood of NT4-Client,
  but I can't browse the shares
  (--> Host not found).
- rejoining to the SAMBA-domain failed with 
  beta5 - with beta 4 it is no problem.

Any ideas ?


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