samba-tng-0.6 problems

Pieter Grimmerink p.grimmerink at
Fri Feb 26 11:12:24 GMT 1999


I recently tried out samba-tng-0.6, (tried 0.4 before, currently still
running 6 months ago samba head branche)
I have noticed the following 'problems', still keeping me from switching to

-I have added an 'administrator' user in the samba domain, mapped a group it
belonged to to 'BUILTIN\Administrators', and now I can't log into NT 4.0
server or workstation with this 'administrator' domain account. (log.smb
says 'password did not match') From win9x, this user can log in correctly,

-when I log in as 'root' (also in smbpasswd file, also member of the group
mapped to 'BUILTIN\Administrators'), NT says that the machine account for
the server is probably not there. Normal domain users work fine.

-I can't see groups in the usermanager for domains, in NT.

-can't use the usermanager for domains under win9x at all: "PDC for this
domain can't be found" ?!

-when I grant a group access to a share (NT), members from that group can't
access the share. It works when I manually add all users to the share.
Probably related: when I rpcclient to an NT server, and query the members of
that group, the group appears to be empty. When I do the same for the
samba-pdc, the group contains all the users.

-when I do the same under win9x, members of groups only gain access when the
group is recognized by windows ("Domain Users" for instance)
Groups I don't map to a windows-builtin groupname, don't work.

-From NT, the local administrator can't even access win9x machines via the
network. (Probably the same problem as the administrator account in the
domain not being able to log in to NT).

This seems like a long list, but there is one huge improvement since version
0.4; win9x users can log in to the domain! (Login takes much longer than
with the old head smbd, somehow,  but it works)


I can switch to samba-tng in only one of my network situations (the one at
my home): One samba server (PDC), and only win98 workstations.
The other situations have both NT and win9x, so I can't use TNG.

I hope that most of these problems will be solved one day, then I can
finally get rid off all NT servers!

Best regards,


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