Security = Server using NT PDC

Dominic W. Chan dwchan at
Fri Feb 5 05:48:54 GMT 1999

I am trying to set up my samba to use a Win NT PDC as my auth server.  and I
am running into few problem.  I am currently running Rh 5.1 with kernel
2.0.36 and Samba 1.9.18p10.  When I am using security = user or share, with
either encryted password or not, everything seem to work fine!  When I don't
use encryted password, I update my NT server with the plain clear text
registry fix, everything works.  When I do want to use encryted password, I
take out the plain clear text registry entries, and everything work ok too.
However, when I try to set security = server and provide a password server
(the server netbios name is LEIGHANN), I keep getting the following error
(Note:  both the Samba server and the NT PDC are in the same subnet/network)

resolve_name: Attempting wins lookup for name <LEIGHANN><0x20>
bind succeeded on port 0
receive_smb error (Connection reset by peer) exiting
Closing connections
1999/03/06 20:50:42 Server exit  (normal exit)
resolve_name: Attempting lmhosts lookup for name <LEIGHANN>
resolve_name: Attempting broadcast lookup for name <LEIGHANN><0x20>
bind succeeded on port 0
server_cryptkey: Can't resolve address for <LEIGHANN>
password server not available

After failing in looking for the password server, it switch to using my
local encryted file!

I have check and double check my smb.conf, and everything seem fine!

   security = server
# Use password server option only with security = server
   password server = <LEIGHANN>

# Password Level allows matching of _n_ characters of the password for
# all combinations of upper and lower case.
  password level = 1
  username level = 1

# You may wish to use password encryption. Please read
# ENCRYPTION.txt, Win95.txt and WinNT.txt in the Samba documentation.
# Do not enable this option unless you have read those documents
  encrypt passwords = yes
  smb passwd file = /etc/smbpasswd

# Unix users can map to different SMB User names
  username map = /etc/smbusers

Is there a problem with version 1.9.18 that it will not using NT PDC as the
password server, what am I doing wrong??


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