Wrong domain is not checked ?

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at www.buffalostate.edu
Sun Feb 28 20:17:39 GMT 1999

> > pc's and the authentication is done through Samba and I have a policy 
> > that doesn't allow users to log on unless they are authenticated within 
> > the domain.
> > So that is a way to solve it.
> > 
>  And remarkably easy to defeat. Cause the task manager to appear
> (one of the 'windows' keys) and 'run application' explorer.exe.

rename taskman.exe to something else,  then you can't pop it up with
LwinKey, or Ctrl-Alt-Esc at the logon prompt.  normal taskman use under
the explorer seems to be unaffected. (ctrl-alt-del under explorer still
will bring it up)

>  Works as a policy, but dont think for a minute the machine is
> 'secure'.

Win9x will never be "secure"  but there are various tricks that can be
done to slow down (note: not "stop") most malicious users.

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