Downloading Profiles/Policies (slow connection)

Nuno Loureiro nuno at
Sun Feb 28 15:21:03 GMT 1999

On 28-Feb-99 Brendon Meyer wrote this and I have to respond:

->  I have notices this with nearly all versions of SAMBA.  What I did to
->  overcome it
->  was to load the following registry entry into the NT workstations to
->  eliminate the
->  "question".
->  ---> CUT HERE <---
->  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
->  "SlowLinkDetectEnabled"=dword:00000000
->  ---> END CUT <---
->  The exacty "why" would probably be better handled by one of the active
->  developers
->  (Luke, Andrew, anyone?  ... comments ... I must admit I haven't looked at
->  the code
->  for some time now).

But, its slower.. I did the test with about 7 or 8 accounts.. 1 of them I just
created. I rm -r profiles from those users, and I deleted local profiles too on

On 1 of them the login is fast.. On the others the login is slower and that msg
about slow link appears, and on the account I just created the login is very

what could explain this?

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