Trust relationship between PDCs

jan van rensburg jan.van.rensburg at
Sun Feb 28 14:07:55 GMT 1999

jerry/luke, isn't it a bit of a waste of time to try and implement trust
relationships now? should the focus of effort not rather be on
nt5/win2000 functionality? as far as i understand with nt5, trust relationships
will become "obsolete".

--jan van rensburg

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Alicia F. Balsera wrote:
>On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:
>> > The part that I do not have clear is how to establish a
>> > trust relationship  between the PDC of an NT domain and
>> > my Samba PDC.
>> Trust relationships are not implemented yet.
>I will watch closely for new developments as my goal is to 
>authenticate from the SAMBA PDC while using the resources
>controlled by the NT PDCs...
>What is the status of LDAP support for Samba?  I am interested
>in using our Directory Server for authentication rather than
>depending on the UNIX and/or smbpasswd files.

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