Downloading Profiles/Policies (slow connection)

Brendon Meyer Brendon_Meyer at
Sun Feb 28 04:08:02 GMT 1999

Nuno Loureiro wrote:

> Hi!!


>         I'm using NTDOM since it very begginning. I have 1500 accounts and about
> 50 NT4 Workstation SP3.
>         I was using 1.9.18 HEAD branch, and I just upgraded to the latest CVS.
>         I compiled it, converted smbpasswd to the new format, I had to create
> worstations accounts again to work (maybe cause now it generates a SID).
>         I can login but policies/profiles are not working properly...
>         It downloads profiles in some situations and do not in others.
>         It writes the profiles in the server when logging off.
>         The problem I have now is that when I login it gives that msg about
> "Slow network connection, yadda yadda yadda..., Download profiles or use local".
>         I click download and it downloads and when I logoff it saves them in the
> server as expected. The network is 10BaseT, and when it gives that msg, the
> login and logout are only a bit slower. I noticed that at least one account
> logins and logouts fine.
>         What can I do? Why that msg when logging in?

I have notices this with nearly all versions of SAMBA.  What I did to overcome it
was to load the following registry entry into the NT workstations to eliminate the

---> CUT HERE <---

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

---> END CUT <---

The exacty "why" would probably be better handled by one of the active developers
(Luke, Andrew, anyone?  ... comments ... I must admit I haven't looked at the code
for some time now).

Brendon Meyer

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