Samba Serving two domains/workgroups...

Daniel Thies dthies at
Sat Feb 27 02:13:02 GMT 1999

We have been running several domains on one machine for several months
now.  Each domain is server by a completely separate set of smbd and 
nmbd processes.  They are kept separate by compiling different binaries
from the samba source and configuring different --prefix options.  For
   cd samba
   configure --prefix=/usr/local/dom1
   make install
   configure --prefix=/usr/local/dom2
   make install
Then set of two separate configuration files,
and smbpasswd files

Set the interface parameter to the appropriate address in each config
file and do not change the default directories unless you know what your
doing.  Sharing the same lock directory for example will cause a crash,
all though sharing smbpasswd seems to work fine if you like that sort of 

Daniel Thies
dthies at

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, John Burton wrote:

> Hi!
>   Hopefully someone can answer my question here...I have Samba 2.0.2
> running on a Linux box on a Class C network. The Linux box has two
> interfaces on that network (using IP Aliasing). Samba responds properly
> on both interfaces. I have it reading a different "included" config file
> depending upon which interface the request comes in on. Looking from the
> Windows I can "see" both "machines", but they are both in the same
> workgroup / domain. What I would *like* to do is have have one
> interface/name appear in one workgroup, and the other interface/name
> appear in the other workgroup/domain. I've tried the obvious of defining
> the workgroup name in the included config file, but it didn't work...
> Suggestions? Thoughts? Has anyone done this sort of thing before?
> John
> PS. I'd also like both interfaces to act as a logon server / PDC for its
> particular domain, with its own seperate smbpasswd file...
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