Updated FAQ posted

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Feb 26 17:44:54 GMT 1999

Thanks to all who gave feedback on the next revision of 
the NTDOM FAQ.  I've just uploaded the files and they 
should be available in an hour or so opn the main site 
and shortly thereafter on the mirror closet to you.

As always, correction, additions, deletion, comments, 
etc... are welcome.  I think I've fixed all the 
it's <=> its goofs. :)


 * version information to correspond to the release of 2.0
 * 2.2.  How do I get my NT Workstation / Server to join the Samba
   controlled Domain?
 * 4.3.2.  I can't get system policies to work.
 * 6.1  How do I get my samba server to become a member ( not PDC )
   of an NT domain?
   -> includes reference to migration scripts to help in the creation
      of users and groups (id's only) on the samba domain member.

 * 2.6.  I keep getting the message "trust account xxx should be in
   DOMAIN_GROUP_RID_USERS."  What do I need to do?
 * 4.2.3.  The roaming profiles do not seem to be updating on the

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