my real problem is ntconfig.pol

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Feb 26 14:26:35 GMT 1999

EFT.Eric Devolder wrote:
> You are right! but here each developer has its own NT Box. 
> Of course, they need to be constantly logged with 
> administrator right. And they work alone on their machines.
> But when I perform a NT logging, the user can no more have 
> this local administrator right, and I really don't know 
> how to do it, as the user is not defined on the local 
> machine but on the Unix Box. However, when logged
> as network user, the User manager tool is viewable 
> only. (what we could expect).

On the NT client, execute

	net localgroup Administrators <username> /add

where <username> is the name of the domain account.  This
assumes that users have personal boxes that they consistently 

> In your response, you say "right associated with an 
> account". How can I change this ? Is it in the policy 
> editor ?

Rights and policies are two separate issues.

> But then perhaps do I have to create special groups / 
> users in the polices in order to achieve this ?

Nope. See above comments.

> This confuses me a lot ! Perhaps it's not a samba 
> stright-forward related issue, but if you can help me, 
> or indicate me where I can find this info...

Truthfully, this is strictly an NT related issue.  However,
lately this list has been more of a "how to administer 
Windows NT" type list.

Hope this helps,
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