my real problem is ntconfig.pol

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Feb 26 14:13:42 GMT 1999

EFT.Eric Devolder wrote:
> Now I'm sure the ntconfig.pol is *really* downloaded to the NT box.
> The last problem is always: When logged with samba as PDC on 
> the SAMBA domain, the user of the NT box can no more start 
> or stop services, change local user config, and so on. My 
> question is what do I have to incorporate into ntconfig.pol 
> in order to allow this behavior ? Do I have to recreate 
> entries in this file for each user and/or machine that
> logs in ? How can I do ? Please help !

The things you mention sound more like user right associated 
with an account (although the ability to start and stop 
services is reserved only for Administrators if I 
remember correctly...not listed under user right).

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