ntconfig.pol ?? where to put it ??

EFT.Eric Devolder eric.devolder at eft.be
Fri Feb 26 09:50:23 GMT 1999

Hi there,

I'm currently trying to startup an LAN of NT & 9x PCs ( at client side ) and
Linux (at server side).
Of course, I'm interrested in Domain login for 9x boxes as well for NT

Up to here, everything seems to work. I still need to move the profiles from
[homes] to [profiles]. 

The last question is: How can I ensure that the ntconfig.pol is loaded ?
I've encountered problems with Windows Messaging client for NT Workstation,
that starts then exits immedialty. I'm pretty sure this is a side-board
effect to the fact I didn't put any ntconfig.pol file. In this case also,
lots of things are forbidden. The only thing I want to do is to be able to
still be administrator on the local machine, in order to launch services,

How can I achieve this ? simply with ntconfig.pol ? is there a special
option I have to fit in ?

Thank you for helping,

	Eric Devolder

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