Update for Samba NT Domain FAQ with corrections

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Thu Feb 25 22:38:02 GMT 1999

> 	Can you set the debug level hugh for the "machine$ 
> 	should be in group Domain Users" message.  Really seems 
> 	to be causing a lot of confusion.

not yet.  once the issue is resolved satisfactorily.  it's there as a
reminder to get this sorted out, one way or the other.
> 	There is no reason that I can think of not to have 
> 	the group hard coded for workstation trust accounts.
> 	Am I wrong?

i don't know.

> ...end of aside]
> >   This group should have members all of the other users (real users)
> >   (hmmm...I don't think I'm doing this but it seems to work)
> > 
> >   This is the line in my smb.conf to create the domain user map file:
> > 
> >    domain user map = /usr/local/samba/etc/domain.user.map
> > 
> >   The line in domain.user.map is:
> > 
> >    domainUsers = "Domain Users"
> >
> >   The double quotes are needed or else the line is misparsed.

the quotes are needed only for names that have spaces in them.

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