updated FAQ - roaming profiles and ntconfig.pol

Johan Meiring jjm at iname.com
Thu Feb 25 03:33:27 GMT 1999


Just my two cents.  In the new draft FAQ is is mentioned that you should
start the directory replicator service in order to get roaming
profiles/policies to work.

This should definately not be neccesary.  Unfortunately I did not have time
to read throughn the FAQ in detail.  ALso unfortunately I do not have a test
installation to test this with.  It is definately not neccesary if you use

AS far as I know, the ntconfig.pol file should just be in the netlogon share
of the PC (samba or NT) used as the PDC.

If you log on to the LOCAL NT WKS, the the directory replicator might be
neccesary because it will copy the file to the LOCAL 'netlogon' directory


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