NT WS in samba domain problem.

akorud at polynet.lviv.ua akorud at polynet.lviv.ua
Wed Feb 24 11:09:21 GMT 1999

Hi. I have such problem:
1. I had NT PDC with domain name 'TEST' and NT WS connected to it.
2. I changed NT PDC to samba PDC wihh workgroup = 'TEST'.
3. W95 see 'TEST' as PDC and log to it without problems.
4. On NTWS I set that it is member of workgroup 'TEST' and all is OK.
5. When I try switch NT to domain 'TEST' i got message:
"You are already connected to domain TEST. Please disconnect first"

Where is the problem. I have this problem both on samba-2.0.2 and on latest
NT machine is added to smbpasswd as in latest NT FAQ (from this list).

Thanks in advance.
Andrij Korud, Lviv, Ukraine

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