Samba in a Multiple-Master Domain Model

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Feb 24 02:30:22 GMT 1999

Gilmore, William H. (WHGI) wrote:
> My question is, if I install Samba on UNIX1 and make it a memer 
> of the resource domain CITY1, will it allow acess to user ids 
> that are located in the MD1, MD2, etc domains.

Samba as a domain member can participate in domain trusts.

> Is there any way to limit authentication to be NT1 and only NT1?

the protocol parameter only limits the highest level protocol 
negotiated. I don't know of a way to prevent downgrading.

> Has anybody used user security with host equiv and go it 
> working right?  My quick tests indicate that a user is 
> still prompted for a passwd.

Never used it.

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