Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Feb 23 16:50:39 GMT 1999

Dan Ardelean wrote:
> It seems that even after this some features won't work 
> in netmon claiming for TCPIP.DLL, IPX.DLL, etc
> which I didn't find on the NT server CD not even if 
> the TCPIP.DL_ format ...
> Isn't there a netmon which can be installed on a NT workstation ?

Yes.  But you simply copy files from an NT Server installation.  The
steps are outlined in the domain FAQ.

On an NT Server, install the Netmon agent and tools.  Then 
you can xcopy %systenmroot%\system32\netmon\*.* to a NT Wks
that ha the netmon agent installed and it will work.

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